The Kindest Revolution


Changing Our World One Thought At A Time

I’m teaching you to live and breathe, with Flow and Bliss, in harmony with our heavenly lunar cycles for a return from being stretched, drained and stressed-out in time to experiencing health, wholeness and meaningfulness in time

We’re under new Cosmic energies on our Soul’s path right now . . . and we’re experiencing great Spiritual growth and evolution.

I offer you support through writing, practice and wellbeing – the whole of what we have from the Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to the Liberation of the Soul.

My aim is that we open our eyes in a new world.

Hopefully, we’re feeling a bit simpler and also a little more innocent: so, how are we thinking about all this?

New thinking, not based on old rigid thought patterns will take us forward into a better, brighter and kinder future. And I’m teaching you so that those of us able to do so, can change our World “one thought at a time” . . . I call this The Kindest Revolution.

Here are 3 steps to a Sweet Healing Revolution . . .

Namaste, Susan



The image above of the eye in the hand holding the flower is “Good Deed” by Elena Ray [Twitter @OldChineseMan] and it reminds me of the iconic picture of the Portuguese Revolution early 1970’s, the one with the Soldier placing the rose in the stem of a gun.