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The Hand Mudras of Yoga

In this series of audio guided practices, GENTLE POWER, SHINING SELF, we’re working with an awareness of elements in our energy as a way of deepening our awareness and understanding of the gentle subtleties of our inner world which, with time and patience, ultimately lead us to the discovery of the Shining Self within. THIS IS NOW FREE TO DOWNLOAD


Seeds of Yoga Meditation is a 2-part audio guided download series of short meditations to introduce you to the Yogic tradition of Meditation. Meditation is a state of higher consciousness in which we find ourselves after much practice of inwardness and awareness.  It takes you to the state where you can dwell in the essence of yourself. Includes an Introduction and Guidance for Your Practice [MORE HERE].

PART ONE: LEARN THE POWER OF STILLNESS: Total running time 77 minutes including a 14 minute Waves meditation music track. Music: Waves by Shaun Lennox. THIS IS NOW FREE

PART TWO: LEARN THE POWER OF YOUR MIND: Includes an Introduction and Guidance for Your Practice. Music:  Waves by Shaun Lennox: Total running time 75.30 minutes. THIS IS NOW FREE TO DOWNLOAD

. . Online Sessions . .

Healing and Meditation

The First Breath Healing Session

A Breath of Fresh Air” Healing Hurt with Susan’s Deep Healing Practice; The First Breath. Session Fee €60. Up to one and a half hours online [Skype or Google Hangout]. With free online support from Susan’s online Youtube Yoga classes. Booking procedure is here

Susan’s Meditation Guidance Skype Private Session

Meditation Guidance with Susan Ni Rahilly is an hour long, private, one-to-one session via Skype to support you for your continuing path of growth, and following your bliss with practice in the Yogic tradition. Session fee €50 for the hour. Booking procedure is here

The Vision of Your Soul – Vital Life’s Energy Source

A Healing Session

Online with Susan Ni Rahilly

One Hour


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