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Healing Inner Hurt from the Mother . . .

HEALING DEEP HURT FROM OUR MOTHER’S LACK OF COMMITMENT TO LIFE AT OUR BIRTH. I should explain what I mean by “Healing Inner Hurt from the Mother” and what I mean is that we can experience a deep inner hurt resulting from our mother’s lack of commitment either to our own birth, or the circumstances of her life at our birth.

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Vision of Your Soul – Life’s Vital Energy . . . a checklist

IMBALANCE, WHEN WE’RE OUT OF SYNC WITH THE VISION OF THE SOUL IN OUR LIFE, CUTS US OFF FROM OUR VITAL LIFE-ENERGY SOURCE. Dis-harmony, disease and distorted life are what happens . .  so I suppose you’d say there’s chaos in your inner world, no harmony of the inner with the outer world in your life . . . your eyes and the eyes of your soul not perceiving your life as equals?

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Healing with Bliss

The powerful, transformational healing of Yoga, is the healing of the Bliss or the unconditional love and creative, positive energy of the Universe. There is nothing more healing in our existence as human beings.

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Path of the Heart . . . emerging from negative emotions

Emerging is the word I use for the step in the healing process just after awakening when it is as if you’ve woken up and you see the light. So, after an experience of clarity, emerging.

This is a major shift, and a step to living free from difficulties. Guilt is one of our difficulties today, as far as I am aware. And guilt is a pervasive, destructive emotional difficulty.

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