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Healing Inner Hurt from the Mother . . .

HEALING DEEP HURT FROM OUR MOTHER’S LACK OF COMMITMENT TO LIFE AT OUR BIRTH. I should explain what I mean by “Healing Inner Hurt from the Mother” and what I mean is that we can experience a deep inner hurt resulting from our mother’s lack of commitment either to our own birth, or the circumstances of her life at our birth.

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Vision of Your Soul – Life’s Vital Energy . . . a checklist

IMBALANCE, WHEN WE’RE OUT OF SYNC WITH THE VISION OF THE SOUL IN OUR LIFE, CUTS US OFF FROM OUR VITAL LIFE-ENERGY SOURCE. Dis-harmony, disease and distorted life are what happens . .  so I suppose you’d say there’s chaos in your inner world, no harmony of the inner with the outer world in your life . . . your eyes and the eyes of your soul not perceiving your life as equals?

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